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Summer Bass Lessons

With summer vacation soon approaching most parents are brainstorming about how to keep their children occupied.  This usually means coordinating with a babysitter, taking trips to the beach, attending a summer camp, etc.

If your child plays an instrument in his/her school orchestra consider signing them up for private lessons!  One weekly 60-minute lesson will prepare them for the coming school year.  They'll have the opportunity to review basics, learn new peices, try new concepts like improvising, and more importantly stay in "learning mode."  The bass is a very physically demanding instrument and a few months of not playing will most certainly take a beginner student back to square one.

This summer I will have a limited number of openings for students as my performance schedule begins to fill up.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Have a great summer!


In the studio with Alexander Peters

This week I'll be busy learning some new music by singer-songwriter Alexander Peters.  Alex is an acoustic guitarist based out of Annapolis, MD.  I'm thrilled that he has asked me to play bass on his new record!

We'll be recording at Sweetfoot Studios with the highly talented and versatile songwriter/engineer/producer Shea Springer.  I've worked with Shea quite a bit over the years and it's always a pleasure.  Shea is also a founding member of the band Pony Bones.

Stay tuned for more details and info on how to purchase Alex's new album!